Eradicating Sudden Childhood Heart Attacks With Art, Heart, & Peace:
Giving Parents a Radically Inclusive Role in their Children's Heart Health

Founded in memory of Justin Carr, our first goal is to eradicate sudden childhood heart attacks caused by pediatric cardiomyopathy. By national nonprofit statistics 12 kids an hour have sudden heart attacks. Each hour one of those children will die. However, there exists a 12 question heart attack assessment that, in Europe, has proven over the last 25 years to be over 85% effective in saving lives. Currently, only 6% of U.S. doctors even know that these questions exist.

Introducing the web's first radically inclusive ideagora for culture change.

We created a community where this will change. Through the practice of art, heart and peace, the Origami Heart Trust is dedicated to the the idea that in order to tackle our nation's most crucial issues, we must learn to stop DOING and simply start BEING.  Tragedy provided our inspiration to take a stand. Trust makes it possible for us to believe in ourselves. Innovation allowed the internet to provide us a podium. will you unfold?









Biorechargeable - (adj)

transitive verb

1 :  to charge again; especially through human intervention 
2 :  to inspire or invigorate afresh via biological or human methods :  renew